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The following is my portfolio of design work including both print and web design projects that i've worked on.


|jä sh•ˈdāvis| Noun

  1. Graphic Artist that enjoys experimenting with color and type.
  2. Admires both clean layout and grunge styles, and modern.
  3. Designer who enjoys photography and composition.
  4. Has hobbies that include design, music, camping, gaming.
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Welcome to my portfolio site!

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Check out what I have posted in my collection of print design.

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HTML? I love getting lost in code! View my website designs below.

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I’ve always had a passion for art and technology. This is driven from my love of video games since the age of two. I grew up with an interest in illustration – usually drawing video game characters or attempting to make my own comic strips. From this I decided to pursue a career in graphic design.

I’m Josh. I am a graphic designer out of Omaha, NE. I currently work as a web designer for a subscription-based database website. I am part of the marketing team and am tasked with the production of web graphics and page layouts. I am involved in the design and front-end development of associated marketing websites, landing pages, and I also do work for several of it's sister websites.

Previously I had worked for a small consulting firm for non-profit organizations. It was my duty to assist our team in creating marketing material for our clients’ capital campaigns as well as develop print material for the firm. My work ranged from brochures, stationary, logos, ads, graphic charts, etc.

Building my knowledge of HTML & CSS and additional methods of web design is a constant goal for me because I enjoy the medium and it is always changing. Aside from designing a website layout I enjoy getting lost in the code that makes it come to life.

I like to pull in inspiration from various outlets and enjoy using my own photography in my work where applicable.  Please see examples of my work below and feel free to contact me if you need any work done or have any questions.


Please e-mail me if you have a design need or have any questions/comments about my work. Also I can provide references upon request.

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